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Get Along Experiments Across Genres On Forthcoming EP

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>Get Along</p>

The members of Denver band Get Along met as high school students in Monument, Colo. Nicholas and Cara Yañez -- who are now married -- have spent five years exploring genres from synth-pop to punk rock. Their live setup includes a collection of keyboards and synthesizers -- and an electric ukulele.

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Get Along will release a new EP this year. The duo previewed some songs from that release in the CPR Performance Studio and spoke with Alicia Bruce Mitchell about balancing music and family, writing within multiple genres and their love for artists like Bon Iver and David Bowie.

Stream the session above and watch Get Along play "Exodus" above.

Interview highlights:

Singer and keyboardist Cara Yañez on Get Along's multifaceted sound:

"We take it song by song when we are songwriting. Some songs end up being dance-ier. Some songs are punky. We have a song where I just play tambourine and he plays drums. ... We don't write in one certain genre so it's hard to call ourselves one certain genre."

Drummer and keyboardist Nicholas Yañez on the band's forthcoming record:

"The EP is just about life. And a certain time of life when you try to turn yourself into what you feel you were made to be. A better version of yourself."

Songs performed:

  • "D.N.A."
  • "Spatium Invasores"
  • "Death of A Spirit Animal"
  • "Exodus"