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Grayson Erhard Returns To CPR’s OpenAir As A Solo Artist

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Photo: Grayson Erhard at CPR's OpenAir
Grayson Erhard

Grayson Erhard visited our CPR Performance Studio a year ago as a member of Pandas & People. The Del Norte, Colo., native recently returned to perform as a solo artist. His music prominently features adroit guitar tapping mixed with pop and folk melodies.

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Erhard performed three solo songs and spoke with Alicia Bruce Mitchell about his recent writing sessions in New Mexico, receiving offers to perform around the world and the viral video of his surprise collaboration with music legend Stevie Wonder.

Stream the session above. Interview highlights:

Erhard on the message behind his song "Manifest":

"When we're working, we have text messages coming in, emails coming in, social media notifications. It's impossible to actually pursue what you want to do, or work on what you're working on. The song is that message and identifying that, but then also giving some sort of solution. Saying that you really have control of your life, so take it."

On his recent shift in performance and songwriting:

"I like it when people are dancing and moving around and having a good time rather than analyzing my playing. And so that's actually reflected in some of my newer material. ... I'm trying to get away a little bit from that guitar-oriented audience and go into more heavy songwriting."

Songs performed:

  • "Manifest"
  • "Karma"
  • "Cave"