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Instant Empire Returns To CPR’s OpenAir With New LP ‘Last Of The Lovers’

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Irvin Coffee)</p>
<p>Instant Empire</p>

Instant Empire released its sophomore album "Last Of The Lovers" earlier this month. The LP is a concept record about the "relentless march of time" and features the Denver band's full-bodied indie rock with harmonies from Emma Cole of Wildermiss. Singer Scotty Saunders calls it the most personal record the band has made.

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Instant Empire recently stopped into the CPR Performance Studio for the third time. The members played four songs and spoke with Alisha Sweeney about how the band's lineup has changed since its debut album, producing their own record for the first time and drummer Tristan Kelley's notable "beat-a-day" Instagram project.

Stream the session and watch Instant Empire perform "Sunday Best" above.

Songs performed:

  • "Sunday Best"
  • "Shape Shifting"
  • "Slow To Reveal"
  • "Spotlight"