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Lillian Enlists Notable Members Of Denver’s Music Community On ‘Desert Song’

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>

Lillian Soderman -- who performs simply as Lillian -- has a lot of musical friends in Colorado. That's a big reason she moved back to the Centennial state from California to record her new EP, "Desert Song."

The release features members of Denver bands Inner Oceans and Paper Bird, but it's Soderman who is front and center on its five songs. The music features sparse folk arrangements that allow her breezy vocals to shine but often move into dream-rock crescendos.

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Lillian stopped into the CPR Performance Studio before her show tonight at Larimer Lounge. She performed three songs from the EP with her band and spoke with Jeremy Petersen about recording at Denver's Mammoth Cave Studio, how her sound has changed over the past five years and her time working as a counselor for homeless youth.

Stream the session and watch Lillian perform "Desert Song" above. Read interview highlights below.

Soderman on recording with members of Denver's music community:

"A lot of these songs that I've written are so simple. And I've never played with anyone else, let alone some of the best musicians in Denver. So I really feel like it's one of those classic situations that people bring out the best in you. And they bring out the best in a song."

On how working with Griff Snyder of Inner Oceans has changed her sound:

"The sound is totally changed. But a lot of that dreaminess I think is in me. And Griff has got such a dreamy vibe with his songs.

"The additions of synth, those are things I don't hear and I'm so grateful to collaborate with people. 'Wow, he heard that in that song! It's not so country anymore as it used to be!'"

Songs performed:

  • "Melt Together"
  • "Shark Tamer"
  • "Desert Song"