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Montoneros Blends Space Rock With South American Influences

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Photo: Montoneros at OpenAir

Montoneros is a Denver-based space rock band formed in 2014. Argentinian-born singer Gaston Leone fronts the group, which is set to release the new EP "Heat Horse" on Friday. OpenAir hosted the band in the CPR Performance Studio before the EP release show.

The band performed three songs from the new EP and spoke with Alisha Sweeney about writing lyrics in two languages, recording at a local studio and the themes behind the single "Ram's Blood."

Stream the session above and read interview highlights below.

Singer and guitarist Gaston Leone on writing lyrics in two languages:

"It's definitely fun for me to write in Spanish too. I kind of like the fact that nobody has any idea what I'm saying, but at the same time it's been nice to write some songs that are a little more accessible in English."

Leone on recording at Denver studio Black In Bluhm for 'Heat Horse':

"We did all our own home demos and everything and then researched a couple studios in Denver. We ended up going to Black In Bluhm which is run by Chris Fogel from The Gamuts.

"Working with him was awesome. It kind of gave us a little bit more of the edgier punk production we were looking for. It was a great experience."

Songs performed:

  • "Cher, The Wealth"
  • "Just Because I Don't Care Doesn't Mean I Don't Understand"
  • "Ram's Blood"