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Patrick Dethlefs Returns To CPR’s OpenAir With ‘Beauty In The Unknown’

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>Patrick Dethlefs</p>

We've had the pleasure of recording the music of Patrick Dethlefs several times in the past five years. The Denver singer-songwriter has played for us in our studio, at Denver's Artwork Network and at last year's Underground Music Showcase.

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We welcomed Dethlefs back into the CPR Performance Studio this month just before the release of his new album, "Beauty In The Unknown." He performed some new music from the LP and spoke with Alisha Sweeney about recording the album live to tape, incorporating his band into his writing sessions and the themes of personal reflection in his new songs.

Stream the session and watch Patrick Dethlefs perform "Of Everything" above. Interview highlights and more videos:

Dethlefs on the advantages of recording to analog tape:

"I never realized this just because there are so many computers around. But recording and being in a room listening back with no computer, no screen, it really takes your focus elsewhere. And puts it on the music."

On the personal nature of his new album:

"Someone described it as 'letting go.' ... I think that those words are current throughout the entire album."

Songs performed:

  • "Of Everything"
  • "I Was Your Age"
  • "Had I Known"
  • "In The Morning"

"I Was Your Age"

"Had I Known"

"In The Morning"