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River Whyless Find Harmony And Unity On ‘We All The Light’

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>River Whyless</p>

River Whyless came to CPR's OpenAir highly recommended by WNCW in the band's home state of North Carolina. The four-piece out of Asheville, N.C., recently released their second album, "We All The Light," after a performance at this year's Newport Folk Festival.

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The band played three songs from the new album in our CPR Performance Studio before a show at Denver's Ogden Theatre. They also spoke with Scott Carney about forming at Appalachian State University, performing at NPR for a Tiny Desk Concert and how their music has become more personal with the new record.

Stream the session and watch video of "Life Crisis" above. Read interview highlights and watch more videos below.

Violinist and singer Halli Anderson on the band's interpersonal relationships:

"Because we've been upset with each other in the past, I think that's made us closer. We operate like a family operates. You spend that many hours in a van with someone ... and your chemistry turns into one. We all smell the same pretty much."

Guitarist and singer Ryan O'Keefe on the band's new songwriting strategies for "We All The Light":

"This album has been a big collaborative effort. I think it's taken us all outside of our normal songwriting habits and thrown us into this idea where everything that we do is fair game for critique and criticism."

Songs performed:

  • "Life Crisis"
  • "Baby Brother"
  • "All Day All Night"

"Baby Brother"

"All Day All Night"