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San Fermin Hits The Road And Finds Its Musical Identity On ‘Jackrabbit’

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<p>San Fermin</p>

Brooklyn composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone formed San Fermin for a one-off performance of his sheet music compositions in 2012.

However, that music would live on past that show: The band recorded and released those songs in 2013 on San Fermin’s debut self-titled album.

Ludwig-Leone then solidified San Fermin as an eight-piece touring band with two lead vocalists and a blend of rock and orchestral instruments.

Last year San Fermin released its second studio album, "Jackrabbit," which came to life as Ludwig-Leone and his band adapted to life as a touring band and became a close-knit musical family.

San Fermin stopped by Open Air to perform three songs before a headlining show at Boulder's Fox Theatre. Ludwig-Leone spoke about creating "Jackrabbit" on the road, writing music for two different vocalists and his recent musical collaboration with a 5-year-old boy.

San Fermin will perform in July this year's Underground Music Showcase in Denver.

Stream the session above and read interview highlights below.

Ludwig-Leone on the writing process for "Jackrabbit":

"When I was writing the first record, I didn't even know (San Fermin) would be a band. There was 22 musicians. ... Culling it down to an eight-person group that plays rock festivals, rock concerts -- it really helps form an identity for the group.

"Now when I'm writing, I think of these people rather than the abstract feeling of the first record."

On adjusting to life as a touring band:

"The most unexpected part is how close of a family this thing has become. It's definitely become the most rewarding part to share this music with these seven other people and make it feel like it's our thing."

Songs performed:

  • "Emily"
  • "Jackrabbit"
  • "No Devil"