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Sessions: At Home With KLLO

If you miss the underground house scene, we have good news for you: KLLO's newest album is full of dance-y bops, that bleed emotion at their core. Think "sad dance music" and you've got it! The Australian family duo, vocalist Chloe Kaul and producer Simon Lam, sat down with us for a virtual walk-through of their second LP "Maybe We Could." During the album tour we talk lyricism, astrology, building beats mid-flight and keeping it sad.

Fans of KLLO can expect a slew of garage drums, ethereal vocals and plenty of bass from the new album. However, don't expect KLLO to play it safe this round. Singles "Somehow," "Still Here" and "Insomnia" prove how the band's sound has evolved and matured over the years since 2017's "Backwater."

With no plans to tour in 2020 due to COVID-19 (so far), you'll have to enjoy "Maybe We Could" at home... but that seems like a good option if you need a good dance/cry.

"Maybe We Could" is out July 17. Listen to the full album here. Watch the full video above.