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Shady Elders Return To CPR’s OpenAir With Debut LP ‘Inside Voices’

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>Shady Elders</p>

Shady Elders have released over the past four years a string of EPs and singles that feature melodic pop hooks backed by shoegaze-inspired rock. The Denver band is well-established in the Colorado music scene, and performed last summer at Red Rocks Amphitheatre before a screening of Prince's 1984 film "Purple Rain."

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Shady Elders release the debut LP "Inside Voices" on Friday with a show at Denver's Syntax Physic Opera. The band members visited the CPR Performance Studio beforehand to play some songs from the album. They talked with Alisha Sweeney about recording in California, their collaborative writing process and performing music by their late musical heroes Prince and David Bowie.

Stream the session and watch Shady Elders perform "Dekalb Station" above.

Interview highlights and more video:

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Fox Rodemich on writing and recording "Inside Voices":

"We intentionally kept mess-ups, if they weren't too obvious. ... It's not as polished. We wanted things to be more organic. And even when we were writing, we allowed for a little bit more relaxation. We're a tight band, but we definitely loosened up and let it be."

Rodemich on performing the music of David Bowie and Prince:

"Unfortunately, a lot of the really influential musicians are older. And in the years to come we will lose a lot of them. So it's just a time in our lives to appreciate artists while they're alive. And then of course even more so when we lose them."

Songs performed:

  • "Trust"
  • "XXIX"
  • "Naked Parade"
  • "Dekalb Station"

"XXIX/Naked Parade"