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SPELLS Performs At OpenAir, Talks Balancing Music And Comedy

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>

Denver band SPELLS built its reputation on aggressive punk rock, energetic and comedic live performances and a vacation-inspired wardrobe (see the photo above). Ben Roy of Denver comedy troupe The Grawlix leads the group.

The band is prepping its debut album "Raditude" for 2016, all whilst Roy is hard at work on the new TV comedy series "Those Who Can't" in which he stars with his fellow Grawlix members.

The band performed some songs from the album and spoke with Alisha Sweeney about balancing Roy's music and television schedule, the details of their forthcoming full-length and whether or not humor belongs in music.

Stream the full session above and read highlights below.

Roy on mixing humor and music:

"I think it has no place in music. I think humor has place in performance. I think our songs are actually surprisingly serious given our amazing style."

Roy on choosing between comedy and music:

"If somebody said: 'You can do this full time and this can be your life, but you have to give up the other avenues,' I would give all of it up to play music full time. It's what I loved and what I've wanted to do from the time that I was 16."

Songs performed:

  • "Pick Me Up"
  • "Back Window"
  • "Second Home"
  • "Raditude"
  • "Starch Ideas"
  • "80% Is Good Enough"