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Surfer Blood Plays A Special OpenAir Session At Larimer Lounge

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Photo: Surfer Blood At Larimer Lounge
Surfer Blood

Surfer Blood passed through Denver earlier this month for a headlining show at Larimer Lounge. We met the Florida indie rock band at the venue to record an exclusive performance and interview.

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Surfer Blood this year released the album "Snowdonia," its first full-length since the death of guitarist and founding member Thomas Fekete. The band performed three songs and spoke with Alicia Bruce Mitchell about coping with their bandmate's death, the dream that inspired "Snowdonia" and a forthcoming covers record.

Stream the session above. Interview highlights:

Singer and guitarist John Paul Pitts on his bandmate's death:

"Not having Thomas there was at first a huge medicine ball. And probably the hardest part of the whole process was getting it off the ground in the first place. Thomas is someone who's influenced my taste and sensibilities so much after playing hundreds of shows together."

Pitts on experimenting more with the songs of 'Snowdonia':

"A lot of my favorite songwriters like Jeff Mangum and Bob Pollard will take short songs and stack them together. Or write really long songs and take them apart. Structure is not the most important thing to them. It's what's best for the song on the record. And that's exactly how I was approaching this record."

Songs performed:

  • "Matter Of Time"
  • "Fast Jabroni"
  • "Instant Doppelgangers"