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The Savage Blush Performs New Psychedelic Rock-Influenced Songs At CPR’s OpenAir

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>The Savage Blush</p>

Siblings Rebecca and Joshua Williams grew up performing in a church where their father is a pastor. They've since directed their talents outside the church toward psychedelic rock: Rebecca sings and plays guitar with Joshua on drums in The Savage Blush, along with bassist Brian Wyatt. The Denver trio released the "Dust" EP last year and followed up with a two new singles in 2017.

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The Savage Blush stopped into the CPR Performance Studio to play a few new songs. Rebecca and Joshua also spoke with Alicia Bruce Mitchell about their musical upbringing, their busy 2017 touring schedule and plans for a full-length album.

Stream the session and watch the band perform "Half Broken" above.

Interview highlights:

Singer and guitarist Rebecca Williams on the band's musical direction:

"I think we all strive to be better and better and better and better. ... I don't think any of us like the idea of being stuck in this psychedelic rock box. But that's what it is. And you can almost play anything and it'll be sort of psychedelic rock!"

Songs performed:

  • "Mortal Minds"
  • "Half Broken"
  • "Heartbreak Hunter"
  • "Hearts In Trouble"