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Umm Is A New Band From The Members Of Big Harp

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Mark Coulter)</p>

Chris Senseney and Stefanie Drootin are the songwriting partners behind the trio Big Harp, which has released three albums on the Saddle Creek label that span a variety of genres. The married couple has recently stayed busy as a new band called Umm. Their debut album "Double Worshipper" is out this fall.

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Umm previewed some music from that forthcoming debut in the CPR Performance Studio. Senseney and Drootin also spoke with Alicia Bruce Mitchell about the origin of the new project, how it differs from Big Harp and their ideal way to release music.

Stream the session and watch Umm perform "Some Jungle" above.

Interview highlights and more videos:

Singer and bassist Stefanie Drootin on the origin of Umm:

"We were listening to a lot of Everly Brothers and liking the tight harmonies a lot. And thinking it was something we'd want to do. Which is different than Big Harp. We just started working on these songs and made them in like six weeks."

Singer and guitarist Chris Senseney on playing without a drummer:

"A lot of what started the project is we got this old drum synth. And we started trying to have practices where we would just program beats on that."

Songs performed:

  • "Some Jungle"
  • "Hunt/Haunt"
  • "Total Collapse Of The Sun"


"Total Collapse Of The Sun"