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Wild Child Performs Music From ‘Fools’ And An Exclusive New Song At CPR’s OpenAir

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>Wild Child</p>

The founding members of Wild Child met while touring as backup singers for the band The Migrant. That encounter has proven to be a happy accident, as the two singers -- Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins -- hit it off as songwriting partners. The Austin, Texas, band has since grown into a septet with a varied and energetic indie pop sound.

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Wild Child's latest full-length is "Fools." The band performed two tracks from the LP as well as a brand new song in our CPR Performance Studio before a headlining show at Denver's Bluebird Theater. They also spoke with Jeremy Petersen about the band's origin story, how touring is essential to their livelihoods and how "Fools" is a breakup album.

Singer and violinist Kelsey Wilson on writing sad songs:

"Neither one of us really talk about problems or anything personal ever. So we usually sit down and write a song together. And then at the end, look over like and be like, 'Dude, are you OK? Are you alright, man? You really want to sing about this every day for the next five years?'

"And then, 'Yes, I do! Definitely!' ... Then it turns a negative experience into something you share with a stranger. It makes it a big dance party."

Wilson on fans misinterpreting the band's song lyrics:

"They all think that our music is so happy. It's really not. People always get married to it. You should read the lyrics first, 'cause it's definitely about infidelity. And drinking too much. And never getting married. So it shouldn't be your first dance, probably."

Songs performed:

  • "Break Bones"
  • "Fools"
  • "Expectations"