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YaSi Is A Bright Young Star In Denver’s Hip-Hop Scene

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>

Yasman Azimi -- who performs as YaSi -- may be young, but she's got years of experience in Denver's hip-hop scene under her belt. She performed with H*Wood in 2013 before recently launching her solo career.

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YaSi released the EP "Stranded Feelings" last summer. She followed it up with the single "Pink Caddy," co-written with fellow Denver artist Sur Ellz. In December, she performed a couple of songs in our CPR Performance Studio. She also spoke with Alisha Sweeney about getting attention via online blogs, her love-hate relationship with music growing up, and how a Frank Ocean cover kickstarted her music career.

Stream the entire session and watch YaSi perform "Pink Caddy" above. Interview highlights and more video below:

YaSi on her complicated relationship with music:

"I would fall in and out of love with music a lot. I'd do choir, I'd hate it, I'd quit. I'd do music again and it didn't feel right. I wanted to do journalism. ... Then I just kept finding my way back to music. Finally I was just, like, 'This is what makes me happy.' This is what makes me feel understood. So I'm gonna roll with that."

On her recent live shows:

"It's a really crazy thing when you're in front of a crowd of people ... to hear people singing (your songs), you're just like, 'Oh my God, I made this in my room! That is wild.'"

Songs performed:

  • "B4 We"
  • "Pink Caddy"