Figaro (Michael Sumuel) and Susanna (Anna Christy) in the Central City Opera's 2014 production of Mozart's "Marriago of Figaro.)

(Photo: Kira Horvath/courtesy Central City Opera)

CPR Classical’s 2014 SummerFest concert series kicks off next Saturday, June 28, with a live broadcast from opening night at the Central City Opera’s new production of Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro.”

Monika Vischer hosts the broadcast starting at 8 p.m Saturday. If you’re new to the opera here’s Charley Samson's overview of the opera’s plot, as well as Figaro, Susana and the other characters:

Audio: Charley Samson on the plot of 'The Marriage of Figaro'

And Charley explains the backstory of the original production, an instant triumph for Mozart:

Audio: Charley Samson on the backstory of 'Marriage of Figaro'

Listeners can follow along at home with scene descriptions and photos from the production here:

The live broadcast from Central City Opera is the first of many SummerFest concert broadcasts this summer. View the full schedule.