These large, red water tanks supply water to a fracking operation in Weld County, Colo. Each tank, or unit, pumps water into the well bore under high pressure. The water is then combined with sand and chemicals to break apart dense rock and release the petroleum. 

(Photo: CPR/Lesley McClurg)

Colorado oil and gas regulators have decided to allow a Weld County wastewater disposal well to reopen, albeit at lower pressures and volumes after two earthquakes.
The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission announced Thursday that the well east of Greeley has been determined to be "potentially related" to two small earthquakes in May and June.
The Commission says that well operator NGL Water Solutions DJ LLC has plugged the bottom of the well, an action thought to mitigate the potential for future quakes.
The Commission ordered a temporary stop to injections at the well on June 23. Regulators said that the injection well will be monitored and may be halted again if there are more quakes nearby.
Injection at the well began in April of 2013.