CM DNC Coverage at RMPBS

August 25 - 29
KCFR News 90.1 FM at 10am | RMPBS Channel 6 at 5:30 & 9pm

Live Colorado Matters DNC Coverage from Rocky Mountain PBS
hosted by Ryan Warner

Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain PBS

In a first-ever partnership between Colorado's two flagship public broadcast organizations, Colorado Public Radio will air a five-day series of KCFR's Colorado Matters, hosted by Ryan Warner, live from the downtown studios of Rocky Mountain PBS.

Each Colorado Matters program will air live on KCFR News at 10am, August 25 - 29. RMPBS will present the live studio event that evening on Channel 6, at 5:30pm and 9pm. Colorado Matters guests will include local delegates, politicians, and international journalists.

In addition, Colorado Public Radio will supplement National Public Radio's coverage, providing local newscasts throughout the day and in-depth reports and features in Morning Edition (6am-10am) and All Things Considered (3pm-6pm).

August 25-28
NPR Democratic National Convention Coverage

KCFR News will broadcast a nightly NPR convention special hosted by Andrea Seabrook beginning at 6pm. Each program will feature interviews and analysis of key speeches of the day and live coverage of the evening's events.

September 1-4
NPR Republican National Convention Coverage

Colorado Public Radio will also provide both local and national coverage of the Republican convention in Minneapolis, highlighted by live NPR coverage every evening at 6pm.