Prescribing Reform

November 13 - December 11
Tuesdays at 10am & 7pm

Prescribing Reform
hosted by Ryan Warner

KCFR News will feature "Prescribing Reform," a weekly series on Morning Edition and "Colorado Matters" that maps out the the current landscape and the road ahead for health care in Colorado. The five-part series will air each Tuesday, starting November 13 at 10am and 7pm.

In January, Colorado's Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Reform will present its final recommendations to the state legislature. Hosted by Ryan Warner, "Prescribing Reform" will provide an overview of Colorado's current situation and explain the alternatives the commission is weighing to expand existing health care. Warner will explore key reform options in Colorado and how those same initiatives impact the lives of people in other areas of the U.S.

Impact of Proposals on the Uninsured
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November 13: The Scope of the Problem
In January, the state's Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Reform will submit its recommendations to the state legislature. Our new series looks at the possible ways Colorado can get more its citizens insured. First a report from Andrea Dukakis. Then Ryan Warner speaks with Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff.

November 20: Employer Mandate
One proposal is modeled after a system established in Hawaii in the 1980's requiring employers to provide health care for their employees. We'll hear how it's working in Hawaii and about the concerns of employers in Colorado. We'll also hear from the commission about how its proposal would work, and from a national health care expert.

November 27: Individual Mandate
This report will look at how the individual mandate is working in Massachusetts—how residents feel about being required to get health insurance and whether they are actually signing up. It will also explain how the state is funding the plan and providing affordable health care for residents. Ryan Warner will follow up with a discussion about how it would work in Colorado and the pros and cons of mandated insurance coverage.

December 4: Single-Payer System
This approach would cover everyone under a plan administered and funded by the state. Currently up for consideration in Colorado, we'll look at how it's worked in places like Canada and why some people support it and others don't.

December 11: Expansion of Existing Public Programs
All of the ideas being considered by the Commission will include an expansion of publicly funded Medicaid and the Children's Health Plan Plus. Colorado is among states that spend the least on these programs. We'll examine those proposals, and on Colorado Matters Ryan Warner will host a panel of Colorado's uninsured, examining the Commission's proposal, who might gain coverage, and the issues surrounding what would happen to the private market if public programs are enhanced.

Prescribing Reform