Iraq War Stories

Wednesdays on Colorado Matters, Ryan Warner talks with Coloradans-- military and civilian-- who have served in Iraq. Did they make a difference? And what challenges do they see for the war-torn country?

Lethal Warriors

From December 15, 2010

Soldiers who witnessed atrocities in Iraq are bringing that violencehome with them. That’s the subject of a new book by David Philipps, areporter for the Colorado Springs Gazette and the author of Lethal Warriors: When the New Band of Brothers Came Home.

Flying in the Dark

From December 8, 2010

Colonel Christopher Petty was a target when he served in Iraq. He's a helicopter pilot and his job was to fly soldiers into battle andto fly out the wounded

Combat Medicine

from December 1, 2010

An Army combat medic shares his story of working in Iraq.

Veteran Helps Others Heal

from November 24, 2010

The story of Army staff sergeant Ian Newland and the ranch he now runs to help veterans and active military.

Doctor Develops Prosthetic for Amputees

from November 17, 2010

Dr. Ronald Hugate and a partner have developed a new prosthetic devicethat attaches direcly to the bone. He was inspired while working as anorthopaedic surgeon in Iraq during the war.

An Iraqi Interpreter's Story

from November 10, 2010

Thousands of Iraqis have worked for the U.S. military as interpreters throughout the Iraq war. We talk with Nazar Al Taee who was an interpreter before being injured in a mortar attack.

Justice in a War Zone

from October 27, 2010

Ryan Warner talks with retired Army attorney Vivian Gembara of Denver. She helped Iraqis work to create a fair justice system.

A Refugee's Story

from October 13, 2010

Dahlia Thiab resettled in Denver from Iraq earlier this year. She now helps other refugees find work.

Ambassador Christopher Hill
from October 6, 2010

We talk with former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill. He has joined the faculty at the University of Denver.

Coloradan Helps Iraqi Farmers
from September 29, 2010

We meet an agricultural diplomat. George Melton, of Fort Collins, has spent the last two years helping farmers form cooperatives. Melton is an agricultural advisor for the U.S Department of Agriculture.

Two Lawmakers' Perspectives
from September 22, 2010

We start our new series with two guests who hold elected office and took time off to serve with the military. Mike Coffman is a Republican who represents Colorado’s 6th Congressional district. He’s also a Marine Corps veteran and sits on the Armed Services Committee. Joe Rice is a Democrat who represents Littleton in the state house. He’s a colonel in the U.S. Army.