The Haunted Windchimes visit OpenAir

The Haunted Windchimes testify that Pueblo has all the elements of a great Americana song: trains, mountains, rivers, steel mills, dirt roads and more. "Pueblo is our center and we've all gravitated there for some reason," says banjo player Chela Lujan, adding that her hometown's artistic vibe continues to grow. "We see a lot of potential there, and we pull a lot of our creativity from that energy."

The Haunted Windchimes performed in the OpenAir studio prior to releasing the new album, "Out With The Crow". The band creates Americana music with a vintage quality that takes you back to times when railroads ruled over roads. But listen to their music or see the band perform live, and you'll find that the soundscape stretches far beyond the horizon. The lead duties rotate among each member for each new song, resulting in a variety of rootsy sounds. That spirit helped The Haunted Windchimes land a performance during a live broadcast of Prairie Home Companion last fall. The members spoke about that experience and more with Corey, and they also played four new songs. The Haunted Windchimes perform in Denver at the L2 Arts & Culture Center on Friday, April 27.

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