Joe Sampson + Fellow Creature Recordings = Sweet Local Sounds

Joe Sampson is no stranger to the local music scene, in fact he's been serenading us in bands for over a decade. So why has it taken him so long to finally unearth his solo work? Apparently "self-sabotage" as he half-jokingly explains to morning show host Alisha in his heartfelt interview. That and a little help from his friends. A nudge from musician/producer Roger Green got him into the studio and from there local music supporter Jules Bethea has put out his debut release on her new record label Fellow Creature Recordings.

Sampson's "Kill Our Friends" is the first release on this local label which Bethea runs with co-founder Blake Nicholoff. Sampson and Bethea join Alisha in the OpenAir Studio to talk about his new release and the idea behind "Kill Our Friends" and the intentions of the new label and what to expect in the future. The two celebrated Sampson's album release at Hi-Dive featuring an all-star cast of Denver's finest singing along with and covering his songs. Among the roster: Doug and Hayley of Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, Nathaniel Rateliff, Erin Roberts of Ending People, Stephen Brackett of Flobots, A. Tom Collins and many more. If you missed the show, it was recorded by Colorado's new audio video outlet Audiovore and you will be able to watch clips of the show later this month.

During his time in the studio, Alisha talks with Sampson about his music projects ranging from A Dog Paloma, Wentworth Kersey and Bad Weather California. He also plays four songs: "Naked Women," "Paper Dolls," "Save Me," and "When the Sun Was Dumb."

Listen to the full, unedited version of Sampson's performance here and you can find his new album "Kill Our Friends" in local record stores or on the label's website.