Explore John Peel’s Record Collection

Music legend John Peel lives on (not as a hologram, sorry), but through an impressive new project that invites you to sift through his record collection online.

The longtime, beloved BBC Radio 1 broadcaster amassed a record collection for four decades with more than 26,000 LPs, 40,000 singles and thousands of CDs. Thanks to The John Peel Centre of Creative Arts and their collaboration with The Space, you can explore Peel's home studio as if you were a guest in his house pulling each record out of his alphabetized stacks.

The collection will be online from now until October 2012 and you can watch documentary videos and home movie footage, view photos, and even listen to Peel Sessions and clips of his old radio broadcasts. Each week more records will be revealed from his grandiose collection.

The most wonderful part and what makes this really worth exploring is you can mouse over the spine of each record and view it along with a pop-up window of more information on the album and Peel's own hand-typed index cards with notes about them too, where available.

As Peel magically used to say, "I just want to hear something I haven't heard before," and I gurantee you will find yourself discovering something new. Keep it Peel.