Hindershot visits OpenAir

Things got a little messy the last time we heard from Hindershot. The Denver band's latest music video featured, quite simply, a barage of sloppy substances aimed at suspecting human targets--some more amused than others. But the local guys kept it fairly clean when they performed at OpenAir in May.

"The whole concept kind of tied in with the ("Curse Us All") album cover, and it's a fun take on the idea of the curse of the human race," frontman Stuart Confer told OpenAir's Corey Jones during the exclusive session. The image of vibrant, colorful spurts streamed at white shirts and black backdrops can serve as a metaphor for Hindershot's sound as well.

The band layers different sounds--derived from a range of influences like The Beach Boys and T. Rex--and lyrical themes on top of a solid rock foundation. Often hazy. Other times bright. It's melancholy. When it's not jovial. Hindershot focuses on having a good time but keeps an eye on detail as well. Listen to the band's OpenAir performance HERE.