Nick Waterhouse – Time’s All Gone

· Aug. 21, 2012, 5:56 pm

by Kegan Warner
August 21, 2012

Inspired by 1950's rock and roll, and dressed as a reincarnation of Buddy Holly, Nick Waterhouse pushes a cool stomp style into his danceable debut album Times All Gone

Nick recreates original 1950's Rock and Roll so well that it's easy to picture him on the stage of American Bandstand right next to a young Dick Clark, but his sound is less structured than the typical style of R&R at the time. His drummer holds down a perfectly accentuated snare backbeat, and his back up singers tauntingly maintain their cool, but the rest of the band occasionally loses control and opens up into a wild frenzy of animals.

The tracks Teardrop Will Follow You and Say I Wanna Know are backed by punching baritone saxophones, gospel inducing Hammond Organs, and haunting back-up vocals, all as Nick carries the mood with gritty stylized guitar riffs. The minimized production brings you back to the 50s, but Nick's natural ability for variation keeps you at the edge of your seat like a 14 year-old-girl-at-a-Buddy-Holly-concert-in-1958.

Check it out.

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