Colorado Votes: Romney Rallies Thousands at Red Rocks

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An overflow crowd greeted Mitt Romney at Red Rocks Amphitheatre Tuesday night. The Republican presidential candidate and his running mate Paul Ryan held a rally that boasted musical stars like Kid Rock, to go along with the stump speeches. Colorado Public Radio's Megan Verlee was there.

Here's a transcript of Megan Verlee's report:

Reporter Megan Verlee: The Romney campaign brought rock and roll production values to the famed concert venue, handing out noisemakers and distributing color-coordinated T-shirts so a section of the audience formed the "C" in the Colorado flag. And when Mitt Romney took the stage, he got a rock star reception from the more than 10,000 supporters.

Governor Mitt Romney: "This is a magnificent place. For a guy born in Detroit to come here and look at these extraordinary mountains, you look at the handiwork of our creator and it’s just overwhelming."

Reporter: Romney accused President Obama’s campaign of focusing on petty negative attacks, and he repeated his criticism of the President's economic policies.

Romney: "Do you think we can handle four more years with declining incomes every year?”

Crowd: “No!”

Romney: “Do you think we can handle four more years with declining home values?”

Crowd: “No!”

Reporter: Afterward, Metro State student Hayden Perry said the rally boosted his confidence that Romney will win the election. And Perry said he’s excited to support the Republican with his first-ever vote.

Hayden Perry: "One of the main factors on why he has my vote is that he’s trying to balance the deficit, so he’s not leaving me and all the other fellow 19-year-olds and younger generation behind with a massive amount of debt to deal with."

Reporter: While last night belonged to Romney fans, the Obama campaign will have its chance to raise supporters’ spirits Wednesday afternoon, when the president holds a rally in Denver's City Park.

[Photo: CPR/MVerlee]