Colorado Votes: Clinton Campaigns in Colorado

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President Obama canceled a campaign appearance planned for Tuesday in Colorado Springs because of Hurricane Sandy, so former president Bill Clinton campaigned on his behalf in the Denver area.

Here is the transcript of a report from CPR’s Pat Mack on Clinton's visit to Adams City High School in Commerce City.

Reporter Pat Mack: President Clinton acknowledged the storm’s devastation but said he was campaigning in Colorado because the state could decide who becomes the next president. The former president also said he views Coloradans as holding old-fashioned values with an eye toward the future.

Bill Clinton: And you ironically may hold the future, not his future, your future, the nation’s future, our children’s future, in your hands, so go out and deliver Colorado for President Barack Obama.

Reporter: Clinton said Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s budget plan doesn’t add up and said Romney plans to cut student loans and Medicare and Medicaid. Jeneva Hardney of Commerce City was among those cheering for the former president. She says she usually blocks out political talk, but not this time.

Jeneva Hardney: I don’t listen too much because it gets on my nerves. But I listened to every word and it was really fascinating.

Reporter: Clinton went immediately from Commerce City to Denver, where held a second rally at Manual High School. In a statement, Republicans said Clinton’s visit shows the Obama campaign is worried about losing Colorado, a state Mr. Obama won by nine points in 2008.

[Photo: Joe Hanel/Durango Herald]