The Aviation Cocktail at The Denver Film Festival

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Alisha Sweeney sat down with Colorado native and writer/producer/director David Higgins to talk about his film The Aviation Cocktail on the eve of its Denver premiere at the Denver Film Festival. He brought along Wilson Helmericks of OpenAir favorites Snake Rattle Rattle Snake to discuss composing the music. Set in the 1950s, Aviation is loosely based on Higgins’ family history in aviation and centers around three war vets dealing with rural life after the war. The film will be shown three times over the course of the festival; November 4 at 11:30am, November 5 at 6:30pm and November 6 at 1:45pm. All showings are at the Denver Pavilions and tickets can be purchased on the website: TICKETS

Listen to the interview at the bottom, and check out the trailer of the film here: