Father John Misty Exclusive

November 8, 2012

It's been six months since Father John Misty released his debut record "Fear Fun," but he's no stranger to recording albums. As a long time fixture of the Seattle folk scene and former member of the Fleet Foxes, he left the Emerald City for California's Laurel Canyon and created a vintage rock album that has become an OpenAir favorite. 

Father John Misty is Josh Tillman and he joined us for an exclusive acoustic performance on the last night of his tour in Denver before he took the stage at the Bluebird Theater. Alisha Sweeney talked with him about how Laurel Canyon didn't live up to his expectations, his music video that will never be made, and why he likes performing on late-night talk shows.

He performs "I'm Writing A Novel" and "Every Man Needs A Companion." 

Hear his living room session: Father John Misty Live On OpenAir

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