Scott McCormick’s “The Art of Music” exhibit opens

Scott McCormick's interest in photography initially derived from his experience as a musician. "I was touring for years with Boulder Acoustic Society, and we were hiring a lot of people to do a lot of the design and photography for us," said the Colorado artist, whose latest musical effort is called Lee Avenue. "(Eventually) I didn't want to pay for that anymore. I remember thinking 'I could do that.'"

Looking to hone his craft, McCormick spent time with local photographers like Gary Isaacs and Chris Perez. Then came an opportunity to create images for Swallow Hill Music. And he's amassed quite the portfolio since then, working primarily with Colorado musicians to make album art work. Now a monthlong exhibit, titled "The Art of Music", featuring McCormick's photographs is on display at the Denver Art Society. The exhibit includes artwork featured on albums by local artists like Danielle Ate the Sandwich, FaceMan, John Common and many more. The exhibit's opening night, which took place on January 18, also featured live performances by Glowing House, Chris McGarry, Boulder Acoustic Society and more.