Six Colorado songs the Avalanche could use at home games

By Corey H. Jones

All is fair in love and sport. The last time Canadian band Japandroids thundered through Denver, I reiterated this sentiment to myself as the duo, standing on stage, verbally cross-checked our hometown Colorado Avalanche.

I didn’t hold it against the band (how could I, after Japandroids released one of my favorite albums of 2012?). Keep in mind: ice hockey is Canada’s official winter sport. And since they hail from Vancouver, Brian King and David Prowse have every right to crank their Canuck love up to 11. Considering that the Avalanche and Canucks are NHL division foes, trash talk is expected. It’s part of the game. And recently, Japandroids’ allegiance paid off in a big way.

On Tuesday, February 26, the Vancouver Canucks hockey team stepped on to the ice while Japandroids’ “The House That Heaven Built" pounded eardrums and fueled cries throughout Rogers Arena. The anthemic track temporarily replaced—and will do so again on March 2—the incumbent entrance song, "Where the Streets Have No Name" by U2, after a majority of fans voted for it during the “Project NU2” contest. Even sweeter: Japandroids beat out Nickelback, a fellow finalist. Everyone loves a good upset.

While the new soundtrack didn’t ensure a victory for the Canucks—who suffered a 4-2 loss against the Phoenix Coyotes—you can’t deny its ability to rally. The raw power of Japandroids’ sound, complete with contagious chants and “protect this house” energy, easily enflames passion. Factor in the musicians’ loyalty to Vancouver and it’s clear that the fans made the right choice.

Although Colorado currently trails Vancouver by seven points in the northwest division, the Canucks’ winning ways isn’t the only thing to which the Avalanche can aspire. What’s stopping our own team from soliciting some local sounds to help remedy a dismal start to the 2013 season? Obviously the Avalanche needs to make some changes. Perhaps they can start with the music. Here are six songs by Colorado bands that I think are capable of evoking a similar fury for our home team.

"Real Killer" by West Water Outlaws

This song opens with a powerful roar, propelled by a pulsating rhythm capable of sustaining fan fervor until the puck drops. Bonus points for a band name that includes “outlaws”, helping to capture the spirit of the West.

“Electrified” by Dressy Bessy

Blasting Dressy Bessy while the Avalanche rushes the ice would be an appropriate way to honor the local band’s longevity and loyalty to the Mile High City. On top of that, this cut could easily electrify the atmosphere.

"Bleeding Colors (Your Secrets Are Out)" by The Photo Atlas