South France stop by OpenAir

When his EP gained unexpected popularity, then solo artist Jeff Cormack scrambled to assemble a full band in time to satisfy a barrage of incoming performance requests. After a trial and error process, the Boulder based band South of France grew to a three-piece ensemble and yielded its debut full-length album. With OpenAir host Alisha Sweeney, the band members detail this hurried formation and describe the continued evolution of both their recorded music as well as their live-shows ever since. From solo authorship to an interactive practice, and from merely surviving to having fun on the stage, South of France persistently progresses if nothing else.

Jeff, Kelly, and Matt also share the prosperity of their labors, serenading the CPR Performance Studio, three songs from Another Boring Sunrise, including “Tribecca,” “Leave the Lights On,” and “Writer’s Block.” Subsequently, the musicians praise a Denver ice-cream parlor, peak into the future, and suggest strategies to following their lead into commercial advertisements, all before concluding with an ‘ol fashioned inquisitional “Speed Round.”

Listen to the full session and interview