Local musician Macon Terry launches record label

People who believe strongly in something will typically go to great lengths to support it. And in that sense, Colorado musician Macon Terry's latest project is an absolute labor of love.

Known as a member of local bands Paper Bird and Clouds & Mountains, Terry, along with his sister, has now launched Collectible Records. The new Denver-based label's debut release, "Jula" by Spirits of the Red City, arrived on Tuesday, September 24.

What started first as a friendship and then developed into a professional relationship with Spirits of the Red City has since resulted in Terry's commitment to providing an outlet for the release of the band's 2013 album. That's how much he believes in this music. "They are my favorite band in the world," Terry says. "And I think this record is going to be one of the best records of my lifetime. So it's a great thing to start (the label) off with."

Spirits of the Red City's members are based all over the country, from Alaska to Minneapolis to New York. The band also has a Colorado connection: trombonist Tyler Archuletta is a former member of Paper Bird.

Terry recently stopped by OpenAir to play some songs from the release and chat about Collectible Records with host Corey Jones during Mile High Noon.

Listen to the interview HERE.