OpenAir Live and Local, Volume Three

OpenAir Live and Local, Volume Three full

Make a gift of $60 or more to OpenAir and ask for Live & Local Volume Three! And if you missed out on the first two Volumes – they're still available. Get all 3 for a pledge of just $10/month - $120 for the year.

Live & Local Volume Three:

1. Born in the Flood "I'll Be Damned"

2. Paper Bird "As I Am"

3. Sawmill Joe "Ain't Nobody's Problem"

4. SHEL "Paint My Life"

5. Colfax Speed Queen "Fiends in the Night"

6. Ark Life "Have to Leave You Now"

7. Flashbulb Fires "Dark Ghost (I've Got Arms)"

8. Raven & the Writing Desk "Marionette"

9. The Sound Junkies "Too Little, Too Late"

10. Esmé Patterson "My Young Man"

11. Tin Horn Prayer "Stumble"

12. Science Partner "Bee is a Bee"

13. Gregory Alan Isakov "Suitcase Full Of Sparks"

14. The Centennial "I Can Relate"

15. Andy Palmer "Heart of Colfax"

16. Shady Elders "Brynn"

17. You, Me, & Apollo "Coming Home in a Coffin"

18. Josh Dillard "In My Dreams"

19. Wheelchair Sports Camp w Faceman & Friends "Dirtyword"

20. A. Tom Collins "Hospital/Jesus"