Sheriff says Pierson likely targeted multiple classrooms at Arapahoe High School

December 17, 2013
Photo: AHS Claire Davis
A sign posted at the corner of Arapahoe High School is adorned in flowers, candles and other items in honor of Claire Davis, the 17-year-old senior who was shot by a student gunman on Friday, Dec. 13, 2013.

Investigators are now working to figure out whether Pierson intended to target specific people in those rooms. 

Pierson also inscribed a Latin phrase on the inside of his forearm, which translates to “The Die Has Been Cast.” 

The investigator’s report also clarifies what happened during the 80-second attack.

According to the report, Pierson entered the school opening carrying as .12-gage shotgun and wearing 125 rounds of ammunition in bandoliers across his chest and around his waist. 

He fired five times with his second shot hitting 17-year-old Claire Davis at point-blank range. 

Davis remains in a coma in critical condition at a local hospital.

The attack ended when Pierson shot himself in the library of Friday.