Map: Number of marijuana shops slowly increasing in Colorado

Source: Colorado NORML. Map: CPR/Ben Markus

About a dozen more recreational marijuana shops have opened in Colorado since sales began on New Year's Day. The state is now home to 45 pot stores, according to data from Colorado NORML.

In Denver - home to most of the state's marijuana businesses - 23 medical shops are open for recreational sales. Only existing medical dispensaries can apply to sell recreational pot in the first year, and most are expected to eventually make the switch.

Though Denver has more than 200 medical dispensaries, officials at the city's Department of Excise and Licensing said they don't expect a deluge of new stores in the coming weeks.

Part of the holdup is due to the complicated licensing process required by state law. 151 of Colorado's more than 500 medical stores have been approved for recreational marijuana sales by the State Department of Revenue, but businesses must also get local approval.