Does anybody remember ‘Omaha?’

· Jan. 29, 2014, 6:42 pm
photo: Omaha Moby Grape full(Photo: courtesy of the artist)
Peyton comes to the line, he says a bunch of things only the people with their knuckles in the grass understand, and it's all punctuated with sharply inflected "OMAHA OMAHA OMAHA." Now, those who have watched Peyton every down this season knows he says other things, and I can't wait until the media picks up on "Louisville Soul Train."
It all means something, we'll never know. It works. Money goes to charity. All good.
But when you have a brain filled with useless rock and roll trivia, you may be reminded of the great Moby Grape song from 1968 called "Omaha." Skip Spence was the leader of this iconic San Francisco band that lumped everything into a psychedelic goo (check out the album "Grape Jam" sometime) and for that magic moment in time, it also worked.
"Omaha" is perhaps their best song, beginning with a train crash of symbols and whatever else, leveling into sonic guitars and harmonies, with a speed drum break that mystifies with agitated perfection.
Funny thing: in the whole song, they never say the word "Omaha" one time.
Listen, my friends (6x)

Listen, my friends, you thought never but
Listen, my friends, I'm your's forever
Listen, my friends, won't leave you ever

Now my friends
What's gone down behind
No more rain
From where we came

Listen my love, get under the covers, yeah
Squeeze me real tight, all of your lovin'
Into the light, beneath and above ya
So out of sight, bein' in love!
Maybe there's a remix that needs to happen. Splice Peyton into the Jam and there's a new hit on the horizon.
Peyton's busy this week though.

You made it!

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