Your guide to Colorado bands at SXSW 2014

This year's SXSW Festival in Austin will feature over 50 bands, solo acts, and DJs from Colorado. While in a perfect world, you'd be able to see each and every fantastic act playing in Texas next week, the reality is that festivalgoers need to make some tough decisions about who to see when.

The whole process can be pretty overwhelming, but all of us at OpenAir are here to help: below you'll find a list of the many Colorado acts playing at SXSW, along with set times, locations, and showcases (all when applicable). The list is organized chronologically by day.

One of the surefire ways to get a healthy dose of Colorado music is by attending the Colorado Music Party, brought to you by OpenAir, Reverb, and Spokesbuzz! The two-day event boasts 30 bands on two stages on Thursday, March 13 and Friday, March 14. Showcase RSVP, lineup details, set times and more information about the bands is available via

Take a look and familiarize yourself with the wide selection of excellent SXSW acts that call Colorado home. We hope to see you down in Austin!

(note: This list is by no means comprehensive, and all set times are subject to change. Musicians, if you see something you'd like changed or added, please send us a message and let us know!)

Tuesday, March 11

Indigenous Robot5:40 p.m. @ Peckerhead'sSXSWreckless
Roo & the Howl7 p.m. @ Hilton Austin 
a. tom collinsTBDIllegal Pete's
The EpiloguesTBDIllegal Pete's

Wednesday, March 12

Lust Cats of the Gutters12:30 p.m. @ Trailer Space RecordsBurger Records
The Yawpers2 p.m @ Bourbon GirlRed Gorilla
Hilary Hand2 p.m. @ Shangri-LaMidcoast Takeover
Pizza Time3:30 p.m. @ Trailer Space RecordsBurger Records
Tennis4 p.m. @ Radio Day StageKCRW
Roo & the Howl6 p.m. @ Sheraton Hotel at the CapitolSXSW Official
Ark Life7:30 p.m. @ Boomtown RecordsBoomtown
Sarah & the Meanies8 p.m. @ Boomtown BackyardBoomtown
Little Fyodor9 p.m. @ BD Riley'sSXSW Official
Primitive Man9 p.m. @ Dirty DogSXSW Official
Rob Drabkin10 p.m. @ Boomtown BackyardBoomtown

Thursday, March 13

Gungor12:05 a.m. @ Red Eyed Fly 
Hillary Hand11:00 a.m. @ The 512 (downstairs)Colorado Music Party
Wooleye12:05 p.m. @ The 512 (downstairs)Colorado Music Party
Rob Drabkin12:15 p.m. @ The Shangri-LaMidcoast Takeover
Zach Heckendorf12:35 p.m. @ The 512 (upstairs)Colorado Music Party
Steele & Colfax12:55 p.m. @ The 512 (downstairs)Colorado Music Party
Winchester Holiday1:25 p.m. @ The 512 (upstairs)Colorado Music Party
The Photo Atlas1:45 p.m. @ The 512 (downstairs)Colorado Music Party
Rob Drabkin2:15 p.m. @ The 512 (upstairs)Colorado Music Party
The Echo Chamber2:35 p.m. @ The 512 (downstairs)Colorado Music Party
Post Paradise3 p.m. @ Chuggin' MonkeyRed Gorilla
The Patti Fiasco3:05 p.m. @ The 512 (upstairs)Colorado Music Party
Wasteland Hop3:25 p.m. @ The 512 (downstairs)Colorado Music Party
The Yawpers3:55 p.m. @ The 512 (upstairs)Colorado Music Party
Wheelchair Sports Camp4:15 p.m. @ The 512 (downstairs)Colorado Music Party
Rose Quartz (fka FLASH/LIGHTS)4:45 p.m. @ The 512 (upstairs)Colorado Music Party
Sarah & the Meanies5 p.m. @ The Dizzy RoosterRed Gorilla
Grant Farm5 p.m. @ The Black Sheep LodgeOskar Blues
Gungor5:05 p.m. @ The 512 (downstairs)Colorado Music Party
Rob Drabkin7 p.m. @ AmpedRed Gorilla
The Yawpers7 p.m. @ The Four SeasonsRockin' Riverboat
Inner Oceans8 p.m. @ Speakeasy KabaretSXSW Official
CurlyOne8 p.m. @ BarcelonaSXSW Official
Rose Quartz (fka FLASH/LIGHTS)9 p.m. @ Speakeasy KabaretSXSW Official
You Me & Apollo10 p.m. @ Tap Room at the MarketSXSW Official
Ark Life10:30 p.m. @ One-2-One BarBorn Custom
Tennis11 p.m. @ Buffalo BillardsSXSW Official

Friday, March 14

StaG1 a.m. @ Speakeasy KabaretSXSW Official
Gungor1 a.m. @ Esther's FolliesSXSW Official
The Changing Colors11 a.m. @ The 512 (downstairs)Colorado Music Party
Dragondeer11 a.m. @ 2620 Guadalupe St.Ham Solo Project session
Lara Ruggles11:45 a.m. @ The 512 (upstairs)Colorado Music Party
The Dirty Few12 p.m. @ GracklePeelander Fest
a. tom collins12:05 p.m. @ The 512 (downstairs)Colorado Music Party
Grant Farm12:35 p.m. @ The 512 (upstairs)Colorado Music Party
Post Paradise12:55 p.m. @ The 512 (downstairs)Colorado Music Party
Big Tell1:15 @ Whip InOskar Blues
Roo & the Howl1:25 p.m. @ The 512 (upstairs)Colorado Music Party
Wire Faces1:45 p.m. @ The 512 (downstairs)Colorado Music Party
The Patti Fiasco2 p.m. @ Whip InOskar Blues
Sarah & the Meanies2:15 p.m. @ The 512 (upstairs)Colorado Music Party
The Epilogues2:35 p.m. @ The 512 (downstairs)Colorado Music Party
Ark Life3:05 p.m. @ The 512 (upstairs)Colorado Music Party
Fierce Bad Rabbit3:55 p.m. @ The 512 (upstairs)Colorado Music Party
Dragondeer4:15 p.m. @ The 512 (downstairs)Colorado Music Party
You Me & Apollo4:45 p.m. @ The 512 (upstairs)Colorado Music Party
Roo & the Howl5 p.m. @ Tapasitas 
Gasoline Lollipops5:15 @ Whip InOskar Blues
Fierce Bad Rabbit6 p.m. @ Whip InOskar Blues
Grant Farm7 p.m. @ Whip InOskar Blues
Esme Patterson7:50 p.m. @ Boomtown BackyardBoomtown
a. tom collins8:45 p.m. @ Boomtown BackyardBoomtown
Ark Life9 p.m. @ FlipnoticsJW Bday
The Royal10 p.m. @ The Thirsty NickelRed Gorilla
The Photo Atlas11 p.m. @ Wahoo's 
Gungor11:30 p.m. @ St. David's Bethel Hall 
Wheelchair Sports Camp11:45 p.m. @ The 512SXSW Official
RubedoTBDStrange Famous

Saturday, March 15

Roo & the Howl10 p.m. @ Stephen F's BarSXSW Official
Tennis10:45 p.m. @ Saint David's Historic Sanctuary 
Ark Life11:15 a.m. @ The Dirty DogReverb
StaG12 p.m. @ The Dirty DogReverb
Inner Oceans12:45 p.m. @ The Dirty DogReverb
a. tom collins12:45 p.m. @ Dog & Duck PubAtomic Music Group
Fierce Bad Rabbit1 p.m. @ Rusty'sSee Something, Say Something
Dragondeer2 p.m. @ Waterloo Cycles 
Pizza Time2 p.m. @ Hotel VegasBurgermania III
Ark Life3 p.m. @ Maison d'EtoileBright Futures
Hillary Hand4 p.m. @ The Chuggin' MonkeyRed Gorilla
You Me & Apollo5 p.m. @ Easy Tiger 
Dragondeer6 p.m. @ Bat Bar 

Sunday, March 16

You Me & Apollo5:30 p.m. @ Stubb's BBQSXSW Official