Painted Palms talk new album, keeping their music a family business, and SXSW

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photo: Painted PalmsPainted Palms' debut album "Forever" is one of the most memorable new records of 2014. The San Francisco band crafts shimmery psych-pop with electronic dance beats, like excellent single "Spinning Signs."

The duo is made up of cousins Reese Donohue, who provides beats and music, and vocalist Christopher Prudhomme. The band started out with Donohue and Prudhomme sending each other music files online from two different states, but they are now both based in San Francisco.

Alisha spoke on the phone with Prudhomme about the process of writing and recording their summery full-length, keeping their music a family business, their classic rock influences, and their first-ever SXSW gigs.

Stream the interview above, along with standout tracks "Not Really There" and "Spinning Signs."