OpenAir at SXSW: Day One highlights

· Mar. 12, 2014, 3:41 pm
Photo: Alisha SXSW Day One (Photo: CPR / OpenAir)
Bands I Watched: The Mastersons (Austin), Sons of Fathers (Austin), a. tom collins (Denver), The Epilogues (Denver)
Best New Music Discovery: Sons of Fathers
Best Food: Guac N Roll Food Truck's guacamole with shredded coconut called "Guac-O-Nut"    
Austin is all about food and music and so am I, so I think this city and I will get along just right!
Today was our travel day. As we were boarding the plane I heard a guy say, "Our band name is a Beatrix Potter reference," and I knew right away that it was locals Fierce Bad Rabbit. When we took our seats on the plane, Mike sat next to a guy from a Seattle band and I was sitting by a dad going to see his son play. I would guess 90% of our flight was full of music fans/musicians/industry folk all flocking to the Live Music Capital of the World. Which got me thinking: SXSB = South By Spring Break.

Spring Break for music fans. In fact, when we got off the plane there was a band performing right by the gate on a makeshift stage. I've probably heard about 30+ performers in the first few hours since arriving in Austin walking past venues, in the convention center, busking on the street...
Last night Team OpenAir ventured about 15 miles outside of the city to attend a private party (thanks Illegal Pete's!) where two Colorado bands were headlining. As a music fan, and moreover, a Colorado music fan, I love observing the audience when it is their first time seeing a group I love play live! 

During a. tom collins' set, couples moved to dance in front of the stage, the crowd swayed throughout, people took pictures, and by the end of the catchy single "Hospital" people were actually singing along!
photo: The Epilogues at SXSW(Photo: CPR / OpenAir)
Headliners The Epilogues were electric last night. They bring such energy to their live shows! They played a few new songs too! There were just as many music hungry folks taking photos of them too.
After all this, I rode on a fluorescent party bus back into the city just in time to miss one of my many music crushes Jarvis Cocker play down the street from where we're staying. I did stop for a moment to listen to a band play the the K-Pop (Korean-Pop) Showcase, which was neat for a song (and to rest my newly-blistered feet). 

Of the bands I took in tonight, it was the Americana rockers Sons of Fathers that caught my attention. A quick Google after I got back to the hotel and I see that NPR Music and eMusic are also singing their praises. 
One last note about discovering new music and Austin being the "Live Music Capital of the World," there's a showcase two floors above me going on right now in the hotel (AT 1 a.m.)!

Happy SXSB, friends!

You made it!

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