Spirits of the Red City at OpenAir

· Mar. 17, 2014, 6:15 pm

photo: Spirits of the Red City at OpenAir(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)Spirits of the Red City's sophomore album "Jula" was one of our absolute favorite records from last year. The fact that the band occasionally features several notable Colorado musicians is a bonus, but we have a feeling "Jula" would have made it into our ears and hearts regardless, thanks to its indie folk beauty and praise from NPR among others. 

The current SotRC touring lineup dropped into our studio last week for a gorgeous, drum-free performance session before kicking off a Colorado tour. Keefer interviewed the band about their multifaceted sound, their attempt to express each member's individuality in their music, and the sonic benefits of playing in caves.

Stream the entire session above!

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