Mile High Noon: On the Road with Huckleberry Roasters

This spring I'm taking Mile High Noon on the road to travel around our community and get to know what Colorado music you're listening to. It's a weekly Guest DJ series where listeners get to choose the music, with one condition: you have to teach me something in return!

Back in February, Denver-based coffee company Huckleberry Roasters created a Colorado Public Radio Blend of coffee for our Winter pledge drive. One of the co-owners, Mark Mann, came by the studio to host a tasting for the CPR staff, and it was such a good cup of coffee that I reached out to him to help me kick off this series.

I also want to mention that I first met Mark in 2012 not as a coffee guy, but as the manager of the band Princess Music when the group came into the CPR Performance Studio. He still represents the band while being a coffee boss. Koan Goedman co-owns Huckleberry Roasters too and is the master of the pour over!

Time to PREP, BREW, TASTE while my guests choose five songs!

THE POUR OVER: How to make the famous Huckleberry Roaster's pour over in 8 easy steps:

Here's what you need: Freshly ground beans, timer, kitchen scale, spoon, Hario V60 pour over, paper filter, mug

  1. Boil Water
  2. Rinse filter and warm vessel
  3. Place 17 grams medium to fine grind into filter, then level with a shake
  4. Place on mug and zero scale
  5. Start clock and pour 60 grams water
  6. Agitate grounds with spoon
  7. At 0:20 seconds slowly, but steadily pour to 270 grams
  8. Stir and let drain for 2 1/2 minutes


  1. A Mouthful of Thunder - "A Little Haze"
  2. Bad Weather California - "I'll Reach Out My Hand"
  3. Inner Oceans - "I Don't Mind"
  4. Princess Music - "White Wave"
  5. John Denver - "Take Me Home Country Roads"

Thanks to Huckleberry Roasters for the hospitality and for sharing their perfect brew method!

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