Mile High Noon: On the Road with Illegal Pete’s

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<p>Illegal Pete&#039;s founder Pete Turner and OpenAir&#039;s Alisha Sweeney</p>

This spring I'm taking Mile High Noon on the road to travel around our community and get to know what Colorado music you're listening to. It's a weekly Guest DJ series where listeners get to choose the music, with one condition: you have to teach me something in return!

photo: Alisha at Illegal Pete&#039;s
Illegal Pete's founder Pete Turner and OpenAir's Alisha Sweeney

Esme Patterson- "Tumbleweed"
The Dirty Few- "You Want Me"
The Royal- "Ghost"
A. tom collins- "Jesus"
Ark Life- "Have To Leave You Now"

Pete Turner is passionate about his food. I knew that he uses high-quality natural meats from Niman Ranch, but during my "class" I also learned that he created an all-natural tortilla made specially for them too! His salsa recipes are exciting, and even though I don't eat meat, his recipe for carnitas is seriously mouth-watering! Also, if you're vegan or just want guacamole without having to pay extra, you can simply forego cheese and sour cream and have that as a free substitute!

Illegal Pete's will be featured on an upcoming episode of Travel Channel's Food Paradise! It will be filmed on May 21 at the South Broadway location. They were chosen along with five other burrito restaurants to be featured as "the best in the states!" The show is not only interested in their great food, but also the experience of seeing a band play there too. Pete reveals who they're hoping to book in the interview, which you can stream above!

During my time at P.U., I learned how make Pete's classic carnitas burrito that will also be featured on the Travel Channel show:

Pete's Classic Carnitas Burrito ingredients:

  • White Tortilla
  • Carnitas
  • White Rice
  • Black Beans
  • Cheese
  • Sour Cream
  • Chili Corn Salsa
  • XXX Hot (aka House Hot) Salsa for my burrito? Listen to this episode to hear what I made and what grade I get from Professor Pete! I gotta say, he was being a bit generous with my score. I'm definitely a novice, but hopefully this won't be the last burrito they let me make! I definitely need to work on my stirring and rolling technique!

Thanks Illegal Pete's for the super, mega-fun Burrito School time, and thanks for being so supportive of Colorado music! I can't believe I'm a graduate of Pete's U: apron and rubber gloves are the new cap and gown!

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