Levitt Pavilions to host gala, free concert for future Denver music venue

photo: Levitt Pavilions logoAiming to provide Denver with free live music in an outdoor setting, the Friends of Levitt Pavilion Denver (FLPD) plan to break ground on a new amphitheatre in the city's Ruby Hill Park next year, with completion scheduled for June 2016.

Levitt Pavilions, the organization behind the project, is a national network of outdoor venues that host music concerts that are free to the public. There are six existing Pavilion locations including Los Angeles, Memphis, and Arlington, Texas.

The forthcoming Levitt Pavilion in Denver, which will be the seventh venue followed by Houston in 2017, plans to host 50 free concerts a year that will feature local, national, and international music.

In preparation for next year's construction launch, Levitt Pavilions will host a "Sounds of Levitt" gala at Ruby Hill Park on Tuesday, July 1. The event includes fine dining and a cocktail reception, followed by live music from Alpha Schoolmarm Orchestra featuring local Americana group Ark Life. Ticket info can be found at Levitt Pavilions' website.

Additionally, the organization will host a free concert on July 2 at the Pavilion site at Ruby Hill Park featuring Playing for Change, the world music band that boasts musicians from all over the globe.

Playing for Change was founded with the goal of "connecting the world through music." In their 12 year history, they have collaborated with the likes of Bono, Keith Richards, and Patti Smith (read OpenAir morning host Keefer Fulgham's recent blog about the band here).