Photos, video: Boulder commuters float to the office on Tube to Work day

Photo: Tubing to work in Boulder
Jeff Kagan laughs after crashing through rough water during the 7th Annual Tube to Work Day in Boulder, Colo. July 15, 2014.

A few commuters in Boulder may be showing up to work dripping wet because of their participation in Tube To Work Day.

The lighthearted holiday hits seven years on Tuesday. It began as two men tubing to work along Boulder Creek in 2008.

Last year it saw almost 30 participants, some wearing wetsuits and some wearing business suits.

Getting set for the seventh annual Tube to Work Day #Boulder

Want to float to the office? It's Tube to Work day in Boulder, Co.

PHOTOS: Tube to Work Day is an awesome thing that happens in Boulder:

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The event typically takes place in June to line up with Boulder's Bike to Work Day. But the Daily Camera reports that safety concerns because of the volume of water forced it to be pushed to July this year.

The city of Boulder is sponsoring a breakfast station off the creek. The public is invited to participate, but commuters must bring their own tubes.