CDOT taking on I-70 congestion with ‘ski pools,’ chain laws

Photo: I-70 traffic between Frisco and Denver
A winter storm backs up ski traffic on I-70 between Frisco and Denver.

Authorities will step up enforcement of the tire chain law for trucks and cars on Interstate 70 in the mountains this winter.

It’s one of several steps they hope will reduce major delays caused in part by stuck vehicles. They also will offer discounts through tire companies to encourage drivers to replace old tires.

"[It] doesn't mean all of us are driving out there with bald tires, but I suspect more of us are than not," says Colorado Department of Transportation spokeswoman Amy Ford.

She says the department aims to reduce traffic as well.

“We will be starting, for the first time ever, a ski pool program," Ford says. "That is very much similar to the van pool program, where you have a collective group of people who, they are picked up by the vans that will go around and then go to your destination in the mountains.”

Ford says the ski pool option will be added in January along the Front Range. CDOT also is working on bus service to the mountains.