Paper Bird returns to OpenAir with new lineup

December 22, 2014
Photo: Paper Bird 2014 studio session(Photo: Jason Bach / courtesy of the artist)
Paper Bird

This month, Paper Bird performed the CPR Performance Studio for the fourth time. However, the Denver folk collective looked a little different since its last visit in March of 2013.

The band has since added Carleigh Aikins as a lead vocalist. Also, bassist Macon Terry and vocalist Esme Patterson departed for other projects. 

Between songs, the members of Paper Bird talked with Keefer about Esme's amicable departure, how Carleigh joined the band after a chance encounter at South by Southwest and their plans for a potential new album in 2015. They also performed a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain."

Paper Bird headlines the Bluebird Theater on Friday, Dec. 26.

Stream the session above along with the bonus track "Paradise,: and watch video of "Ticonderoga" below:

Correction: A former version of this article credited "Paradise" as a Carleigh Aikins solo track. It was performed by Paper Bird.

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