Connect for Health Colorado approves $322K to fix glitches


The board overseeing Colorado’s healthcare exchange approved $322,000 to fix glitches that have kept some people from signing up for insurance.

More than 121,000 people have signed up for private health insurance through the state-run website. But as many as 1900 people have struggled to see if they qualify for Medicaid or tax subsidies to help pay for insurance. And many of those 1,900 people got snagged by discrepancies regarding their personal information.

That prompted Connect for Health's board to approve the money to pay for a fix, though some board members expressed frustration over ongoing problems.

But Luke Clarke, an exchange spokesman, says the fix is urgent.

“We’re a public entity, and you know we’ll take the criticism. But we can’t delay on responding to the customers.”

In December, the exchange said it saw a spike in complaints as more people tried to sign up for health insurance before an enrollment deadline.

Open enrollment ends Feb. 15.