Longmont considers ‘solar garden’

If leasing or buying solar panels isn't really your thing, Longmont has another option for you: solar gardens. The Longmont Daily Times Call reported that that one man's survey found that 93 percent of residents support installing community solar panels on a common lot.

Currently, advocates say that the next step to having a solar garden is city involvement.

Fred Kirsch, director of the Community for Sustainable Energy, wants one of these gardens to grow in Longmont. To get his dream realized, he started knocking on doors. Kirsch and others went to 3,843 homes in the Longmont area, where over half -- 1,737 -- responded. Of those respondents, 93 percent (1,610) said they support a community solar garden.

Kirsch presented the findings at last week's city council meeting, saying that putting in a community plot with panels is the "most cost-effective way" of doing solar energy.

"It's got a really good return on investment," he said. "It's the most accessible way because something like 80 percent of people don't have access to rooftop solar."

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